A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Space Thinger is an arcade space shooter! Fight your way through 10 combat zones mining asteroids for crystals and collecting the debris of your fallen foes to upgrade your ship and engage in ever more epic space battles. Take on bonus missions for even greater rewards whilst keeping the emphasis firmly on close quarters space dog fighting. Out now on PC, and coming soon to Mac and Linux.

This demo represents two levels (levels 2 and 5 from the full game), the full list of ship upgrades and includes random spawn options for infinite re-playability.

Install instructions

This game is written in Unity so just download, unzip, read the readme (if you can be bothered, it's got some good game play tips in it!) and play.

Space Thinger will run on an i3 laptop or above, a dedicated gpu is recommended for high settings.


Windows.zip 140 MB
Linux.zip 153 MB